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About to destroy this 🎂

Ask away, anything, what ever you like anon or not lets go

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Grown man teddy
The homie big Ern

Anonymous said: i bet you do some illegal shit to get your money... whole reason why you don't say your job title

Lolll this shits funny, keep it coming

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Anonymous said: What you do for a living man your lifestyle is just amazing?

Who’s asking ?

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LOL a real TBT, 2007 I think 

trapyeezy said: Sheesh so you've been out for a minute.. It seems like you're living pretty well, how come you regret it?

Could of lived it up at uni partying & studied something id actually enjoy doing in life 

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Anonymous said: what do you do? job wise..

24/7 Hustler 

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S/O to the postman 📮

realghostly said: You selling those bred 1's?


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