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Anonymous said: What you do for a living man your lifestyle is just amazing?

Who’s asking ?

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LOL a real TBT, 2007 I think 

trapyeezy said: Sheesh so you've been out for a minute.. It seems like you're living pretty well, how come you regret it?

Could of lived it up at uni partying & studied something id actually enjoy doing in life 

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Anonymous said: what do you do? job wise..

24/7 Hustler 

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S/O to the postman 📮

realghostly said: You selling those bred 1's?


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fearmyrise said: hey! absolutely love your blog!! it would mean so much if you checked mine out, trying to build it up so any tips would be amazing! Thanks!!

Thanks, my blogs not exactly big so you’ve come to the wrong place for tips my friend 

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trapyeezy said: Just started following you man and you got a dope blog. I really like your sense of style as well. I'm tryna get like you haha. Did you go to school?

Hahaaa thanks man, appreciate it, finished education at 17 which I kind of regret 

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Join a weird trip
Thought I was done with Givenchy, but couldn’t resist
Hit my ask box

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